I aim to provide a comprehensive photographic service and can turn my hand to most styles and requirements including -

  • Landscape - HDR (High Dynamic Range) and standard
  • Sport and Action - Team photographs, action shots, etc.
  • Architectural and Commercial - Products, premises, people, etc.
  • Social Events - Birthdays, fund-raisers, parties, graduations, etc.
  • Portfolios - Model and promotional

Please note that I DO NOT DO WEDDINGS

If you aren't sure what you need - PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!


Tel. 07527 887700


"Photography isn't the black art that it once was - any idiot can take his smart phone, his tablet computer, his compact or even his DSLR, put it on auto, snap a few frames off, shove it through Instagram or PhotoShop and he thinks that he's David Bailey. Unfortunately the results are often appalling but in true English fashion we're too polite to say anything. But I take comfort in the fact that anyone can LOOK but only a few of us can actually SEE".

John Ellison, Mereclough, 2012

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